What are the benefits of having Drone Photography at your wedding?

Wedding Drone Photography

Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular at weddings, as it allows you to capture aerial shots that are simply breathtaking. With drones, you can get amazing shots of your day that you wouldn’t normally be able to achieve.

Aerial View of Venue and Surroundings:

You put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect venue to host your special day, with drone photography, you can capture amazing aerial shots of your wedding venue and the surroundings. Why not have a photo of you both on your happy day walking in the grounds with the venue and view in the background?

Bride & Groom overlooking their wedding venue taken with a drone

Unique Angles, Shots and Perspectives:

Drone photography provides unique and stunning angles, shots and perspectives not available in traditional photography. Take advantage of the high-angle viewpoint to capture a unique perspective of a special moment shared between you and your loved one.

Drone wedding photograph of long shadows cast by the bride & groom

Get Photos From Places Any Other Camera Can’t Go:

Are you getting married on the coast? or a hillside? With drone photography, you get shoots that would be impossible any other way. How about a photo looking back from the sea onto the beach or standing on the edge of a cliff top? Easy to do with a drone, not so much trying to convince your photographer to swim out to sea with their camera! This gives a bigger variety of achievable photos (not to mention, something that not every couple with have)

Drone photograph of a bride & groom at the edge of the cliff walkway at Sandy Cove Hotel

Make Sure To Capture Everyone With The Group Photo:

Using a drone for a wedding group photo is a great way to capture a unique and memorable shot. The drone can be flown high enough to capture the entire party, even in a smaller space, and the height and angle of the shot can create a stunning image that includes the venue and setting in the photo.

Wedding group photo taken with a drone

If you are interested in having drone photography at your wedding,

please do get in touch. I am registered with the CAA and fully insured so as long as the weather is good and the venue allows then we can create some fabulous images that will be unique to you.

For details of my pricing, please follow this link.. or to have a look at my portfolio, click here.

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